How To Wax A Car

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There are lots of people that want to keep their car looking great but one of the things many let go for too long is waxing the car. It’s a common assumption that it’s something that needs to be done by a professional. The fact is that you can easily learn how to wax a car at home and have it looking fabulous.

Two Most Common Ways To Apply

When it comes to waxing your car at home there are two ways to apply the wax. The first way is by using a cloth and applying it by hand. This is probably the most common way that people will apply the wax when doing so at home. It’s not very difficult at all and while it will take a little bit of time it’s not overly time-consuming.

The second way is to use a polishing machine. Polish machines are not especially expensive but they will require a bit of an investment. As well as having the machine, you will need a foam finishing pad. There are several choices with a polishing machine for the different pads that attach to it but the foam finishing pad is the one you’ll need for this task.

Applying The Wax By Hand

When applying wax by hand it’s important that you either do so in the shade or on a cloudy day. If it’s a cloudy day you don’t want an impending storm to be coming because obviously, you don’t want it to rain while you’re waxing. But the reason why you need some shade or clouds is that once the wax gets dried onto the finish, it’s more difficult to buff out.

Only apply wax to your car when it is completely dry. Once any water drops get on the wax it will cause streaking that will take a substantial amount of work to buff out. Remember that when you are applying the wax you do not want to put large amounts on. In fact, you want to use a very very thin layer of wax that you apply.

Some folks make the mistake of thinking they’re going to get more shine by adding more wax. To achieve what you’re looking for, you will want to apply a very thin layer of wax and then buff it completely out and after it’s completely dry only then will you add another very very thin layer and repeat the process.

How To Wax A Car With A Polishing Machine

The first thing that you will need is a finishing pad for applying the wax on your car. This type of pad is soft enough that it can absorb the wax while remaining firm enough to handle the pressure of the machine. If you’re using a paste you will want to put it onto the pad very much like you would add some butter to a piece of toast. Take a putty knife and put some of the paste wax on it and spread it across the pad like you would butter on toast.

If you’re using a liquid wax then you’ll simply place the polisher on the car’s paint and spread the wax over the panel without turning on the machine. This reduces splatter. You will then set the polishing machine settings to a maximum of 3 and use it until you have completely spread the wax over the intended area.

In most cases, you’ll do one single area and then buff it out. Then do the next area. It’s rarely a good idea to try and polish the entire car before buffing it out. Now you know how to wax a car at home.

How to Wax with a Machine


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