G3 Scratch Remover

G3 Scratch Remover

Product Review of G3 Professional Scratch Remover

I personally have used G3 Professional Scratch remover on a number of cars my own alone with Famly members and friends. I always make sure I have a bottle in my collection this is ideal for removing light scratches and body marks. I used it only the other day on a family members car as he was driving home one late night down some country roads and didn’t see a small branch sticking out and hit the front wing and ran down the side.


Paste or liquid

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how to use G3 Scratch remover to remove light scratches.

the first thing to do always is to clean the whole car so you can see the marks clearly. make sure the surface is dry and apply a small amount onto a new or clean microfiber cloth. start going int circular motions over the affected area and after about 4 mins of rubbing the G3 Scratch remover into the bodywork use another clean cloth to remove any excess.

I would highly recommend G3 been around for years and all the products I have used never disappoint. G3 comes from a bigger company called farecla a very well know brand. I trust all their products and don’t think twice about applying to my very own car. G3 also do a Wax which I always like to add after using the scratch remover. one thinks to remember is it will remove any wax or other products from the bodywork. I find it best to use the product before waxing the whole car.

G3 Scratch Remover Own Tutorial


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