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How to Remove Tar

over time every your car will be affected by road tar depending on what colour your car is noticeable it will be. The White car is one of the worst. I had a family member that had a White Audi TTs and I used so much “Autoglym Tar Remover” on the front bumper and bonnet. There is a lot of Products out on the market for removing tar. I have used Autoglym for a number of years, it’s not hard to use and I don’t find it leaves a mess on the bodywork which is always a concern as some products can be harsh.

All you need to do when using tar remover is dap a clean cloth and then rub the affected area, all make sure the car is clean so your not rubbing dirt and grit into the bodywork which will leave scratches and damaged the paint. Tar is one of those things that you can’t avoid if you drive your car you are definitely going to have it happen. you need to be careful if your car has trim or any parts which are stuck on with adhesive because the tar remover will all so remove the Glue. Some manufacturers use adhesive for door trips and holding small parts in place I have seen it used on side skirts and badges.

How to Use Autoglym Intensive Tar Remover

you can also you the tar and glue remover to remove them horrible white marks you get on black trim from Polish. this product is a must-have for any Detailer. as you don’t have to use this product every time you wash your car in my experience a bottle seems to last a long time. I have found this product on Amazon for around £11 GBP Price Check.

You can even remove Black spots from your exhaust tips.

as you see above the product works so well on metal surfaces too removing all carbon and black mark build up. I like to use an old cloth when cleaning exhaust tips as without doubt, you will ruin a new one. after I Use the Tar remover on metal I like to use a metal polish after to really bring out the shine.

please leave comments below if you have any questions or tell us your preferred products.